So, What is Touchflow?

Touchflow is a replacement for your aging handwritten whiteboards... and so much more. At the start of a busy day Touchflow represents your current schedule of work and at the end of that day Touchflow still represents your current schedule of work even though a lot happened during the day. The replacement of your handwritten whiteboards is only the tip of the Touchflow iceberg. Underneath the surface is a comprehensive package of valuable tools and processes for simplified control and management of various areas of Panel Shop operations.

How does it do this?

With a basic handwritten whiteboard your management staff will manually keep the board in sync with your workshop as jobs progress and new jobs come in. It can be a time consuming process just keeping track of where your workshop is at, let alone trying to workout who is doing what and when. Touchflow keeps to this basic concept but turns it completely upside down by empowering all of your staff with responsibility and accountability. Their responsibility is to ensure they perform their given task completely and when complete they access Touchflow and move the job off to the next area, therefore continually keeping Touchflow up to date. They're accountable for ensuring that the jobs they do and the jobs entering into their area have been completed correctly and performed to your quality standards. That's right, Touchflow also helps keep control of quality during the repair process not just at the end or when found by the customer.

If this sort of information sounds like it came from the mind of a Panel Shop operator, It did, because Touchflow was designed and developed by the industry for the industry.

Key Features & Benefits of using Touchflow