Organic Quality Control! What does this mean?

Organic Quality Control is when quality checks are ingrained as part of the whole process not just added to the surface as an after thought. Touchflow includes 10-12 organic quality control checks along the repair process.

How does it do this?

Increase your internal workshop quality auditing to reduce your external quality issues. An integral part of Touchflow is about including all of your staff and building conscious thought about what they are doing. The old saying of 'many hands makes light work' rings true with Organic Quality Control in Touchflow. As you staff interact with a job to move it to the next area they will stop and check that it's complete and to a satisfactory quality. Why? because as it enters the next area the staff of that department have the option to 'Reject' the job if it's not complete or of satisfactory quality. Naturally nobody wants a 'Rejected' job against their name, so subconsciously everyone tries harder to ensure quality and completeness of their work. The 'Reject Function' can never be used in malice and must only ever be used for the greater good of the workshop.